Back to the ODAC

By: Stephen Himmelberg ’17

First-year guard Stephen Himmelberg

First-year guard Stephen Himmelberg

Its starting to heat up in the Generals locker room as the rigorous ODAC schedule is now upon us; this next month will surely prove to be both extremely mentally and physically taxing, what most call “the grind”. Worn down from the constant battle of practice and Jim Etling’s boney knees, the ensuing games will be a test of will and heart. Going into these games though, there is not a single team I would rather play with or a group of guys I feel that I trust more. Its pretty cliché, yes, but I believe it to be the truth. Our goal as a team is clear, to win the ODAC, and while we have had some road bumps along the way we have proven that we can compete with some of the best teams in the country.

With multiple teams in the conference having been ranked in the Top 25 throughout the year it will be no easy task for the Generals to win the ODAC but it is doable. It hasn’t been done since 1980 but with the help of seniors Drew Kimberly and Kevin Gill, two players who know what it takes to win at the highest level, the Generals are in good hands as we look towards the hardest time of the year. Team morale is high, especially coming off a win, but it is time to really focus our energy and come out determined these next few games and really get the ball rolling. The past few practices have echoed this thought too, you can see the intensity and determination etched in the stone faces of the team, we’re thirsty for blood.

Day in and day out this next month we will all surely be stress filled and sore but the experiences we will share will definitely make memories and hopefully history. I hear Patrick O’Connor has been practicing for his next half court game-winner and rumor has it that Franklin Wolfe can dunk now, so be on the lookout for some ESPN highlight reel plays. Along with the on the court experiences that have proven to be exhilarating, it is the off the court experiences that are equally, if not more memorable. Whether it’s story time on the back of the bus with Andrew Franz and Clay McLean or Andy Kleinlein messing up consistently during one of Chip’s interviews, those memories will always be there to look back on and laugh. However, nothing can surpass the feeling that could be all ours…that bus ride back from Salem Arena where the Generals have just won the ODAC championship. Now that would be a memory.

Across the nation the ODAC is certainly one of the top conferences from top to bottom, making every game a nail biter and definitely providing a myriad of thrilling finishes. So make sure not to miss a second of it. Join the army, go Gennies!


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