Thanksgiving Break

By: Jok Asiyo ’16

Sophomore forward Jok Asiyo

Sophomore forward Jok Asiyo

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect, relax, spend time with those you love, and most of all give thanks. For us, even though our “break” is a little shorter, we still do all four of these things, just with a little less time at home, and a little more time on the hardwood.

Reflection: When I look back to last year’s Thanksgiving break I realize how lucky I really am to be part of the Generals class of 2016, in the beginning of the year I lost my phone, which unfortunately wasn’t found and I didn’t get a replacement until about a month later, so in today’s technological age I was pretty much out of the loop. Hanging out with my new teammates was pretty difficult to say the least, and Thanksgiving break (I had a phone at this point so we weren’t strangers by any means) gave me a great chance to really bond with the guys (Franklin Wolfe, John Martin, Darren Douglas, and Andrew Franz) I would hopefully be playing basketball with for four years. If you don’t know by now, we’re all best friends, so the bonding worked out pretty well. I moved into Franz and Frank’s room, J-Mart was down the hall and Rip Hamilton/Raymond Felton/Kevin Weaver/Darren Douglas was upstairs. This really solidified our friendship, at least until winter break, once you make it through that together there’s no turning back. We all hung out from sunrise to sunset, I’m talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snack, so pretty much 24/7. Honestly, looking back I’m pretty sure I didn’t even like these guys; I was just forced to hang out with them (nah I love these dudes). Anyways, I have to give a special shout-out to all of them since it’s that time of year and say I thank God for putting them in my life and I’m truly blessed to get to play basketball with you guys and have you all as friends for a lifetime.

Relaxation: If you want to know how to relax, you’ve come to the right man. Let me take you through what my schedule will be like for the Thanksgiving break:

Wake up.











(On occasion replace practice with games; sometimes an extra meal or two in there, but above all nothing replaces sleep.)

Spending time with those you love: Gotta love the family time! Last year I had a blast seeing friends from high school and my family of course, which is the most valuable time of my year, because nothing beats time with Momma. This year I’m going down to North Carolina to Frank’s house to spend time with my second family, the Wolfe’s. A lot of players on our team are pretty far from home and travelling can get expensive and time consuming with only two days off, so a lot of players go to each other’s houses for the break. This really attests to the bond formed over a year of playing basketball, I can truly say that even when I’m not at home, I have a band of brothers here in Lexington.

Giving thanks: Finally, I’m thankful for a loving God, my family, friends, each and every one of my teammates past and present, Hutch, JD, the trainers, the students, and the entire W&L community. All of these things collectively make up who I am individually, and who we are as a team. Everyone who takes the time to read this plays a vital role on our team, and everything we accomplish, you push us towards. Without you we wouldn’t be here over break grinding as hard as we will be, so while we all enjoy our Thanksgiving breaks in our own respective ways don’t forget to give thanks for everything we’ve been blessed with and save a plate for these Gennies!

Ballin’ over break since 1749.

Up Next – Assistant Coach J.D. Ey ’13 assesses the season to date from the perspective of a former player and now coach for the Generals.


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