The Season Has Arrived!

By: Patrick O’Connor ’15

Junior Forward Patrick O'Connor

Junior Forward Patrick O’Connor

It’s that time of year, baby!  The Generals open up the season on Friday against Ferrum in the opening game of the Tip-Off Tournament.  The preseason has been filled with hard work from all 18 players and two coaches.  Since arriving at school, through broken noses and missing teeth, the team has continuously gotten better in preparation for the regular season.  I am excited, and you should be too.

“The Season” gives you all an opportunity to see all the hard work we put into representing Washington and Lee.  Whether it is opening night at home against Ferrum, or over winter break at University of Chicago, you will see a team that is excited to play together.  As Kevin Gill hits a big three, Drew Kimberly slams home a drop step dunk, or Andrew Franz scores leaving you wondering “how did that just happen?” the credit will be dispersed to everyone that contributes to our program.  Kevin couldn’t have hit the three without a drive by Clay Mclean and a screen by Jim Etling. Drew Kimberly couldn’t have gotten the easy basket without Jok seamlessly running the offense followed by a post pass by Darren Douglas, and Andrew Franz probably wouldn’t have figured out what color jersey to wear if it wasn’t for our great facilities staff.  The eight first-years, five sophomores, three juniors and two seniors on our team have developed into a cohesive unit since our first practice on October 15.  This can be attributed to the leadership of our seniors and coaching staff.  All 18 players are open to feedback from the coaches and from each other, because we all have the same goal in mind: to be our best every day.

Three respectable opponents are coming to campus this weekend. We are excited for the challenge and the opportunity to compete against someone other than ourselves.  The coaching staff has done a good job preparing a scout for our opener against Ferrum.  We are confident in our plan of attack, and now it is just a matter of playing hard and smart.  I encourage you to come support our team at some point this season.  Whether you are at the games, or watching online, I hope you see a team that represents Washington and Lee in a respectable, positive manner.  There are so many people that contribute to the success of our team, and I want to say on behalf of our team that we appreciate all you do.  Starting tomorrow we get a chance to walk on the court with Washington and Lee across our chest, and hopefully walk off the court with a “W” under our belt.  Go Generals.


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